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Blueberry Breakfast Bars

These Blueberry Breakfast Bars are a healthy vegan and gluten-free make-ahead breakfast recipe that will keep you satisfied all morning long. They're also packed with fiber and plant protein, and can be enjoyed as a sweet treat!

Sure breakfast might be the most important meal of the day. But it can be so difficult to prepare a healthy, satisfying breakfast on busy mornings. It’s so much easier to reach for something quick and easy or to just pour a big bowl of cereal.

And while there’s nothing wrong with cereal (especially oaty homemade granola), some store-bought brands can leave you with a sugar crash or starving a few hours later.

That’s why I started making breakfast bars. They’re not too sweet and full of satisfying fiber and healthy fats that keep me full until lunch. And since everything is better with fresh blueberries, I had to share this recipe for healthy blueberry breakfast bars with you.

overhead of three bowls with the wet and dry ingredients and fresh blueberries

How to Make Healthy Blueberry Breakfast Bars

This is a quick baking recipe that comes together in under an hour. And chances are that you probably have most, if not all, of the ingredients on hand.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Quick-cooking oats. Also called instant oats. If you’re avoiding gluten, check that your oatmeal is certified gluten-free.
  • Cooked quinoa. You can make 1 cup of cooked quinoa from ½ cup of raw. See here for how to cook perfect quinoa.
  • Baking powder. This adds a bit of lift to your baked bars for a light and airy texture. 
  • Coconut sugar. This less refined sugar adds just the right amount of sweetness to these bars without turning them into dessert. Of course, if that’s what you’re looking for, feel free to add more sweetener for something closer to an oatmeal cookie than a healthy blueberry breakfast bar. 
  • Hemp seeds. Hemp is full of healthy fats and fiber to keep you satiated.
  • Mashed bananas. Opt for riper bananas that are easier to mash and naturally sweet. 
  • Flax eggs. Make two flax eggs by mixing two tablespoons of flaxseed meal with six tablespoons of water and letting the mixture gel for about 5 minutes. 
  • Nut butter. Feel free to use any nut or seed butter you like. Almond, peanut, cashew or sunflower seed butter are all great options. 
  • Lemon juice. This adds just a bit of brightness and acidity to help the baking powder activate in the bars as they bake. 
  • Vanilla. You can use powdered vanilla or vanilla extract fr the recipe. 
  • Blueberries. Choose fresh or frozen berries. 

overhead of a baking dish with blueberry quinoa bars after baking

Are they Vegan?

Yes! These healthy breakfast bars with blueberries and quinoa are naturally vegan. Instead of eggs, the bars are made with flaxseed meal and rips bananas. There is no milk, butter, or other dairy products in this recipe.

In addition, the blueberry breakfast bars are refined sugar-free. Instead, they’re sweetened with mashed ripe bananas and coconut sugar.

Are they Gluten-Free or Grain-Free?

In addition to being plant-based, these breakfast bars are gluten-free. Just make sure to use certified gluten-free oats.

The oats, however, mean that this is not a grain-free recipe. If you’re looking for a healthy grain-free breakfast idea, try this easy recipe for Grain-Free Coconut Granola.

hand picking up one breakfast bar on a white piece of parchment with a knife in the corner

Fresh or Frozen Blueberries?

I usually make these bars with fresh berries. However, you can substitute them with frozen blueberries if you have them on hand. Using frozen berries also means you can make these quinoa and oatmeal bars year-round, even when blueberries aren’t in season.

You can also make these bars with mashed frozen bananas if you have some piling up in your freezer. To defrost, place the frozen bananas in a microwave-safe bowl and heat until soft enough to mash easily with a fork.

close up on a cut blueberry breakfast bar with fresh blueberries and quinoa

Can I Make Vegan Breakfast Bars Ahead?

Yes, this is one of the best vegan meal prep recipes for breakfast. In fact, I actually prefer the texture of these bars when they’ve cooled on a wire rack overnight. Some of the excess moisture evaporates for a denser, heartier breakfast.

I like to make a big batch of breakfast bars and store them for a quick on-the-go meal all week.

Store cooled bars in an airtight container on the counter for up to three days, in the fridge for up to five days. You can also freeze the bars for up to three months. To serve, defrost the bars on the counter and enjoy at room temperature or warm in the microwave in 10-second increments.

overhead of many blueberry breakfast bars on a white piece of parchment paper with fresh berries

More Healthy Vegan Breakfast Ideas

If you’re looking for more satisfying and healthy plant-based breakfast bar recipes, give these a try next:

Blueberry Quinoa Breakfast Bars

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Healthy vegan blueberry breakfast bars with oats, quinoa, coconut sugar, ripe banana, flax eggs, and fresh berries that are gluten-free.
author: Alyssa
yield: 16 Bars
hand picking up one breakfast bar on a white piece of parchment with a knife in the corner
Prep: 10 minutes
Cook: 30 minutes
Total: 40 minutes



  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Line a 9"x 9" baking sheet with parchment paper and grease the sides with cooking spray.
  • In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the oats, quinoa, sugar, baking powder, and hemp seeds.
  • In a separate bowl, mix the banana, nut butter, flax eggs, lemon juice and vanilla. Pour this mixture over the dry ingredients, mixing everything together until fully incorporated. The batter should be moist, but not runny. Fold in the blueberries
  • Transfer the batter into the prepared pan and smooth with a spatula.
  • Bake on the center rack for 25 - 35 minutes until the bars are golden brown and firm to the touch.
  • Remove and let cool completely in the pan, then remove and slice into squares (or rectangles). Store in an airtight container for 4 - 5 days.


I found that I enjoyed the texture of the bars best after being cooled on a wire rack overnight. Some of the added moisture from the blueberries was removed and they were even more hearty.


Calories: 111kcal | Carbohydrates: 16g | Protein: 3g | Fat: 3g | Sodium: 8mg | Potassium: 158mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 5g | Vitamin A: 35IU | Vitamin C: 3.3mg | Calcium: 32mg | Iron: 1.2mg
cuisine: American
course: Breakfast, Dessert, Snack

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Blueberry Quinoa Breakfast Bars--they're full of fresh, juicy blueberries, with a hint of tangy lemon...and they're vegan!

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172 comments on “Blueberry Breakfast Bars”

  1. Hello! Can I use desiccated coconut instead of coconut sugar? (I can’t find the sugar where I live) or honey if that’s not sweet enough? Thanks 🙂

    1. I think that would work 🙂 If you have a granular sugar you like to use, that would be a great substitution too!

  2. Could I use frozen bananas that I’ve thawed (and removed excess moisture)? Or do you have any suggestions to use them up? I’m tired of smoothies and they are getting old in my freezer😞
    Love your site…and love quinoa🥰🥰

  3. It was good but I think it needed a little bit more of sweetness. The texture was different. I cooked it the day before and left it out to cool down. For dinner we tried it again but this time i put it in the fridge and added whipped cream on top. It tasted much better even the texture it was better. Thank you for the recipe.

    1. Glad you enjoyed them! Since they’re breakfast bars, they’re not meant to be super sweet, but the whipped cream is a great addition to make them more dessert-like 🙂

  4. Hi! Can you leave the lemon juice out? I don’t like the taste of lemons (or limes), but know that acids are often important to creating foods.

  5. Finally, a handlheld breakfast I don’t feel bad about. These are great!
    Some of the proportions didn’t quite work out for me, but I improvised and am very happy with this. I usually have everything but the fruits so it’s a great way to get those into my rotation. Thank you!

  6. These bars look great, thanks for sharing! I’m gluten sensitive and have started reacting to oats as well, do you think I could substitute the oats for quinoa flakes? Thanks! 🙂

    1. Definitely!! You might want to toast them slightly to cut back on the bitterness, but I think it will still work!

  7. Hi. I am a Type1 diabeticcand I grew up eating/loving blueberries that my family would buy from farmers’ markets near the beach. Anyways, i LOVE these gluten free Blueberry bars sooo much!!! Thank you for first posting this recipe to make and cook these blueberry bars!! They have proved not only delicious!, but a subtle yet strong help in not raising my blood glucose numbers very much! (((:

  8. Hi Alyssa, thanks for sharing your recipes! I’ve loved every one that I’ve tried! I was wondering if you could use, or if you’ve tried using, old fashioned oats instead of quick cooking oats? Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Sara!! I think it would work, but the cooking time will probably need to be increased because the oats are so much thicker. Keep me posted if you try it!

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  10. I had some leftover cooked quinoa and some blueberries, so with some Pinterest searching I came across this recipe. I am excited to eat one of these for breakfast tomorrow. I didn’t have hemp seeds so I tossed in some chia seeds instead and they seem to work well. I also added some fresh raspberries in addition to the blueberries just because I had some. I am breastfeeding so these are perfect to help keep supply up and keep me full!

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  13. I made this recipe as muffins instead of bars. I used frozen berries, blueberries, blackberries and grapes. Doubled the vanilla and reduced the sugar to 2 tbsp. Because I used frozen berries so I think it made the mixture too wet. I ended up having to bake them for an additional 15 mins. It was worth it…..really good.

  14. I love this recipe! I have been making it for breakfast for the last couple months and my husband and I are still not sick of them! For those of us that try to keep our sugar down, I’ve made a few adjustments that have worked pretty well for me. I use 2 Tbsp of the coconut sugar instead of 1/3 C.Then, I replace 1/2c of the oats with 1/2 c of shredded unsweetened coconut and add some cinnamon to taste. I also cook the quinoa with a little bit of coconut oil and a tsp of the coconut sugar in the water. I think it is still plenty sweet but it cuts on the sugar, and possibly the calories! Thanks for the recipe!

    1. Updated! It’s just a simple flax egg: 1 tablespoon flaxseed meal + 3 tablespoons water (multiplied by two for two eggs!)

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  18. Does the nut/seed butter and blueberry taste good together? I would probably use peanut butter. Will that taste good? Seems those two flavors aren’t commonly used together.

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  20. These look delicious! I’d make them right now, but my bananas aren’t nearly ripe enough. Would it work to use applesauce instead? Or is there another banana substitution for those of us whose families eat the bananas before they are ready to bake with? 🙂

  21. Hi! The hyperlink for the flax egg didn’t work for me, could someone direct me to the instructions?

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    Equally easy and delicious.
    Accidentally, reached for the almond extract instead of vanilla. Didn’t realize until I poured it. Still fab!

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  32. I tried to read through all the threads and cant find an answer (not a good detective), how much almond butter should I substitute for the hemp seeds? I can’t wait to try these out on my son’s new gluten free girlfriend (who we love….I’m blatantly bribing her) ????

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  35. Hi Alyssa, I just made these today and they’re great! I made a few modifications but it didn’t negatively impact them in any way – they came out exactly as what I had in mind when I searched the web for a recipe! I try to eat clean and wanted a breakfast option using quinoa, so this was a great find!
    Modifications were:
    -used traditional oats because I didn’t have quick cook, just gave them a quick zap in the Nutribullet and kept 1/4 cup unground for texture
    -omitted hemp seeds because I don’t have those
    -unsweetened applesauce instead of bananas (love bananas but wanted my blueberries to have center stage)
    -I’m not vegan so I used 2 medium eggs
    -replaced 1 tbsp peanut butter with mayo (love peanut butter but not necessarily mixed with other flavors ????)
    -threw in maybe 1/2 tsp chia seeds just for grins
    Baking time was right around 35 minutes in a 8×8 Pyrex baking dish and I left them to cool all day and cut them into 9 bars this evening. The texture is chewy and moist and just what I wanted! Also, I input my modified recipe into MyFitnessPal and 1 square is only 173 cal, 29g carb, and 5.1g protein. I’ve looked through many of your recipes and I can’t wait to make some banana nut and carrot raisin bars or breads!!!
    Thank you!

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  37. Hi there just happened upon your sight and love what I see! I have a question, can I sub the flax egg for chia egg? I’m sensitive to flax and also can I use frozen berries?

    Thanks you!

    1. Hi there and welcome! I think that would be totally fine (although I haven’t personally tried). Usually the two are a 1:1 substitute 🙂

  38. I never comment on recipes, but I feel moved to comment on this one… I’ve eaten two of these almost every morning for the past four months. I make double batches and freeze 18 servings, keeping 6-12 servings in the fridge at all times. This recipe has been part of my success on Weight Watchers (each serving is 4 SmartPoints) – I’ve lost 45 pounds in the past four months and feel GREAT!

    I also like these with raspberries or a mix of blueberries and raspberries, and I’ve found that frozen berries work great. I also usually make these as muffins rather than in a pan.

    Thank you for the best breakfast I’ve found in a long time!

    1. Wow, this is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing Michele! I’m incredibly humbled that you’re using my recipes to help you reach your health goals and it sounds like you’re doing an amazing job. Keep up the awesome work and definitely keep me posted on your progress 🙂 ????????

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  43. I am excited to try your breakfast bar and cookie recipes, I just have a quick question. How well do they freeze? I have a large family and like to batch cook to stock the freezer. It say store in airtight container for 4-5 days but would they hold up to being individually wrapped and frozen for quick breakfasts or snacks later?

  44. I made these last night and I ended up eating 3 of them! I cut the recipe in half but still baked them in the same size pan, so mine are of course a lot thinner than the ones in the photos. And I still baked them for 35 minutes to dry them out more. I used flax seeds instead of hemp seeds since they’re so expensive. I’ve never used hemp seeds before so I have no idea how differently the recipe would’ve been had I used them instead of my flax seeds. I think they turned out great though! I used a mixture of blueberries and raspberries and I’m really glad I did because my blueberries were very mild tasting and the raspberries were full of flavor and gave it a really nice tartness while still being very sweet and yummy. I let them sit out overnight with just a paper towel laying over the pan. They’re still very moist on the bottom so I decided to turn them over and bake in the toaster oven for about 5 minutes and that dried the bottoms up good. They’re still very tasty! Just curious, do the hemp seeds soak up a lot of moisture? I’m just wondering if they would’ve made much difference to the consistency over the flax seeds

    1. That combo sounds delicious! So glad you enjoyed them Natasha and thank you fro sharing your changes! I don’t think they would have had that much impact on the texture, but flaxseeds can be very hard to digest which is why I don’t personally eat the whole 🙂

    1. I haven’t tested it that way, but it should work! You might want to let them rest a bit before baking and also might need to increase the baking time slightly 🙂

  45. These look SO good…can’t wait to try them! Question, I don’t have quick cooking oatmeal so can I use regular old fashioned oatmeal?
    I’ve been looking for recipes to make for breakfast that include healthy ingredients and can be taken on the go…these seem like a great option!

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  48. I’m interested in the protein and fiber in this recipe. Has anyone ever tracked the nutritional info to accompany this? They’re in the oven. Can’t wait!

      1. I added a bit of oatmeal to compensate for the hemp seeds, used 2 eggs instead of flax eggs, added cinnamon and used brown sugar. They turned out great! I also made a quick fresh date puree to add over to make it a bit sweeter!

    1. You’d have to play around with the proportions because cocoa powder has a different texture, but I’d say give it a shot!

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  50. These bars are awesome!!

    I substituted the coconut sugar for light brown sugar, i also added a bit of apple sauce with the mashed banana. Bars were moist, let them stay out overnight and they are delicious and filling.

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  53. Made these last night and I have to say they looked scrumptious! I used tri-color quinoa and I didn’t cook it….just soaked it because I wanted the bars to have a bit of a crunch to them. I am not a fan of that quinoa and wanted to use it up. I felt that the taste was overpowering. I am wondering if tri-color quinoa has a more distinct taste than regular quinoa? I do have plain quinoa and want to make these bars again using it and testing with leaving out the sugar and maybe substituting dates instead. Thanks for the recipe!

    1. I would say two things 🙂 first, tri color quinoa definitely has a stronger taste than white quinoa. Second, I think the flavor of quinoa in general becomes more mild when you cook it. If the texture was off for you also, it’s because the volume of soaked quinoa vs. cooked quinoa is quite different and it likely wasn’t able to absorb as much moisture. Did they hold together? Were they too wet? If so, my guess is that the soaked quinoa was the culprit. Let me know how the next round goes for you!

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  59. These are very yummy! I didn’t have hemp seeds so I subbed for pumpkin seeds and also added 1/4 cup of shredded coconut. Thanks for the recipe!

  60. Could I replace the nut butter with avacado? We have nut allergies in our house and I’m not a fan of sunflower butter:)

  61. I just made these and love them! I did make few substitutions and they still came out delicious.

    I used buckwheat groats instead of rolled oats, and instead of coconut sugar I used the remaining sweetened coconut flakes I had with about 2 tablespoons of honey.

    I used peanut butter, well-ripened bananas, and frozen blueberries in addition to the other listed ingredients.

    I’m so glad to have this recipe and that flavor of the groats worked so well (I’ve never used them before). Things held together great and the moisture seemed well balanced.

    1. Did you have cooked buckwheat groats? That’s such a great idea! And thank you for sharing your substitutions, I love hearing how others make the recipes work! xo

    1. You could use honey, but I’m not sure about the proportion. Try maybe 3 tablespoons to start? And yes, pumpkin seeds should be fine!

          1. I made these with two eggs versus flax eggs and they were fine. I did leave mine sit, uncovered overnight at room temp and they firmed up nicely. I needed 3 bananas to equal 1 cup and since my bananas were super ripe, I have a lot of banana flavor to mine. I think next time I will either stick with 2 bananas, regardless of their mashed yield or try some applesauce. The banana flavor is fairly predominant in mine (like when you make a smoothie with banana in it – takes over the other flavors), so will cut it back. Otherwise, they baked up nicely and made a FILLING breakfast this morning. I ran the nutrition numbers using a program I have available through my work called Nutritionist Pro and based on 12 bars made with chicken eggs the numbers are: Calories 164; Carbohydrate 25 g; Fat 5 g; Cholesterol 31 mg; Sodium 46 mg; Fiber 3 g; Protein 5.5 g

          2. Thanks so much for sharing! Thrilled to hear they worked out and would love to know about your applesauce substitution (lots of people look for a banana alternative, so that would be awesome to know if it works!). xo

  62. These are great! I’m doing baby led weaning with my 6.5 month old son and he loved these. They’re firm enough that he can grab and hold onto them, but soft enough that he can munch them up without teeth. I skipped the sugar, added a little flax meal, didn’t have hemp seeds, and used chicken eggs. A great basis bar for all kinds of varieties, I’m thinking! Never would’ve thought to use quinoa as a bar base; I love it!

    1. That’s such an amazing comment – thank you for sharing!! Thrilled he like them and I’m happy you tweaked them for what you had on hand. And they still worked! YAY 🙂

  63. I was looking for the nutritional value of the blueberry quinoa bars. Mostly the protein content.
    Thank you

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    1. I haven’t personally tried since I seem to go through a batch so quickly, but I think they would yes! I would freeze them individually and perhaps try thawing them in a toaster oven on the “bake” setting? Let me know how it goes!

      1. I made these with two eggs versus flax eggs and they were fine. I did leave my sit, uncovered overnight at room temp and they firmed up nicely.

    1. Two eggs works fine in place of the flax egg.
      I enjoyed these. I made a batch, cut them into squares, stored in the refrigerator and ate them for breakfast daily until they were gone. Plan to bake another batch tonight trying with applesauce.

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    1. Hmm I’m not sure about that swap. Since it accounts for a good portion of the dry ingredients, you’ll probably have to make a few tweaks to get it right. You could try substituting 1/4 cup of flaxseed meal and maybe add a touch of stevia if you can have that. But I haven’t tried it, so I’m not sure if it works. Let me know if you try it!

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  72. These are great! I made them this morning and subbed in honey for the coconut sugar and chia seeds for the help seeds, and it still turned out great! I also sprinkled coconut flakes on top.

  73. Avatar photo
    Sabrina Benayoun

    This recipe sounds great, however I don’t have hemp seeds:( Do you know of any substitutions please? I have chia seeds, but I’m not sure that they’re similar! Thanks!

    1. I can’t share the enthusiasm for these as the other reviewers. Followed recipe except for using chia seeds as I used a almond / hemp nut butter. They are simply too moist and doughy like eating cold, partially cooked oatmeal. i put them in the toaster oven to try to crisp up then crumbled into my yogurt. I will not make them again.

      1. Hi there! That’s actually the reason why they didn’t work for you. Chia seeds absorb a TON of moisture and help to form a gel which binds the bars together. They’re a really important part of the recipe, so I’m afraid by substituting them for something that has no binding powder (and actually adds additional moisture), it makes sense why they were too moist. Hope you give them another try as others have loved them!

        1. The recipe as written above does not include Chia seeds in the ingredient list? How much Chia do you add? Would love to try these but want them to turn out.

          1. There’s no chia in this recipe 🙂 You could certainly add them if you wanted though – 1 tablespoon would be totally fine!

          2. Hi there, I just came across this thread while looking into making this recipe – so although you say the chia is a really important part of the recipe, you also said chia isn’t even in the recipe… How much of it do you usually add when you make them? Thanks

          3. Sorry for the confusion! I should have been more clear in my previous comment. You really only need to use chia if the dough seems too wet. One person found them to be too moist, so in that case I would suggest using 1 – 2 tablespoons of chia to help the dough “come together”. I haven’t found the need to add chia, but it would certainly help if the dough doesn’t seem to be holding together. Hope that makes sense!

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  75. I started making the bars one day and found I did not have any bananas – fresh or frozen! I did, however, have some freshly made unsweetened apple sauce. Turned out great! I do agree with Alyssa about
    leaving them out overnight to “firm up”.

  76. Hey Alyssa, I don’t have hemp seeds or coconut sugar. Can I leave out the hemp seeds and use sugar in the raw instead? Thanks, can’t wait to make this!!